Friday, December 28, 2012

December-Team Member of The Month!!!

December Team Member of the Month- Sue Dunkelberger

Sue Dunkelberger has been a HAH team member for a total of 27 years.  Her first roll was as our Receptionist Supervisor and after a hiatus into human medicine she returned in 1995 as a dedicated member of our elite group of phone operators.

Sue brings energy and enthusiasm to the phone room. By decorating for all the holidays, Sue keeps spirits high while our team assists clients as they call in.  No matter the curve balls thrown at her personally, she always manages to bring her glowing personality to work! We are grateful she has been part of the HAH for all these years and are pleased to honor her as Team Member or the Month!

Friday, December 21, 2012

December Patient of the Month- "MilkDud"

This month we would like to honor as our Patient of the Month, a pup that is very special to our Hollywood Animal Hospital family.  “MilkDud” ,  a 12 year old,  red dachshund; the proud pup of our very own Kathy Ziezio .
After monitoring a few days of diarrhea the “Dud” began vomiting and no longer wanted to eat. Kathy immediately came in and saw Dr. Grasso. X-rays were ordered and showed a mass in “Milkdud’s” abdomen causing fluid to build up.
Kathy hospitalized the “Dud” throughout the weekend and on Monday Dr. Sessa ordered an ultrasound to get a clearer picture of what the mass looked like.  During the ultrasound Dr. Murphy was able to see that the mass was affecting the spleen and also her gallbladder. Surgery was scheduled for the following day. The surgery was serious but “Milk Dud” came through beautifully and then started the process of recovery.
Often the post operative care is as important as the surgery and “Milk Dud” benefited from the many minds that our hospital has to offer. For the next 10 days “Milk Dud” was giving TLC and aggressive medical therapy.  She received several transfusions to increase and maintain her blood cell volume and was hand fed every night by her momma.
“Milk Dud’s” pathology came back with a less then desirable result but did show that Dr. Sessa had removed as much of the effected tissue as possible. For now, “Milk Dud” is home and getting back to the business of playing with her sisters “Samantha” and “Daisy”. Most recently, she stopped in with Kathy, donning a Santa costume to hand out presents to the staff.
We are so happy to honor “MilkDud” as our December Patient of the Month!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Decoration Safety- Lights

Tinsel can be a very dangerous holiday decoration with pets around! The little pieces of colored foil have sharp edges that can cut and twist internally if swallowed. Make sure you keep this tinsel out of their reach, or exchange it for safer options. Ask us if you have questions!