Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Team Member of the Month- Nesvi!!!

So often our Team Member of the Month wear many hats. This quality is true of our industry as well as our hospital and helps create a greater sense of ownership in the HAH and a greater understanding between the staff.

This month’s Team Member of the Month has a virtual closet of hat boxes. Nearing on her seventh year anniversary, Nesvi has been a Receptionist, Veterinary Assistant, Emergency Night Technician and now one of our In-House Pharmacy Technicians. She has embraces this role and the inner workings of the department with leadership. She is knowledgeable, eager to learn, friendly and capable. Her commitment to follow through is superb and we feel fortunate to have her on our team. Congratulations to this month’s team member- Nesvi!!!

November Patient of the Month- Hershey

Hershey is a 13 year old, male, Shih Tzu that has been a patient of the HAH and Dr. Sessa his entire life. In 2012, Dr. Sessa began noticing Hershey’s eyes failing him and referred him to our Ophthalmologist, Dr. Swinger. Hershey was diagnosed and treated for bilateral cataracts and while he had to loose his much loved pony tail in the process of preparation, surgery was a success.  It seemed that the real struggle now would be growing out his bangs. However, within the year, Hershey developed glaucoma in both eyes and daily treatment began again. 
Glaucoma is a term used to describe a group of eye disorders that have many causes but are shared by one common characteristic- elevated pressures in the eye. These elevated pressures caused by the inability of fluid produced in the eye to drain appropriately, causing permanent damage to the eye affecting vision and potentially leading to blindness. Dr. Swinger, Hershey and his mom embarked on an aggressive plan for his eyes but after months of treatment found that the glaucoma could not be controlled.  After all options were discussed it was decided that Hershey would receive a Gentamicin injection. This injection stops the cells that produce the fluid in the eyes thus alleviating the painful pressure. Sadly this also causes immediate blindness. This was a difficult decision for his family to make. Hershey was a career therapy dog and “the best watch dog ever” but treatment was necessary and has proven to make Hershey a much happier pup.
Since the surgery Hershey is out of pain. The headaches associated with glaucoma were relieved and everyday he gets more and more comfortable with himself. His 16 year old sister is a big help too; allowing him to walk all over her and his pride is visible with each new thing he succeeds to do.
Hershey’s family were among the first clients of Dr. Swinger’s when he joined the HAH from his practice in Chicago. They have proven themselves to be loving, diligent and  committed to Hershey’s care and have developed a very close connection to the HAH and the Animal Eye Guy Team. Their one complaint however, is the loss of Hershey’s beloved ponytail but now that his knot top has grown back- all seems right with the world. We are very pleased to highlight Hershey as Patient of the Month!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Squirrel: Adopted Blood Donor

Squirrel, one of our Adopted Blood Donors came by last Friday.

This is Squirrel! 
Squirrel and Linda
Kris, Kennel Supervisor, and Joyce who adopted Squirrel

Squirrel was adopted about six years ago. He has spent those six years mingling with many of the other adopted out Greyhound's at social events. He has even seen his old housemate here because she is a local as well. Squirrel is now12 years old and is doing great. He is walking and playing everyday.

Squirrel is seen above with Linda as well as Kris our Kennel Supervisor. Kris spends most of her time with our donors and is about the most caring person you could ever want in the position.

We are proud to highlight Adopted Blood Donor, Squirrel!

To learn  more about the Hollywood Animal Hospital Blood Donor Program, view the video below. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Meals on Wheels Pet Food Drive

 Where : Hollywood Animal Hospital 

              2864 Hollywood Blvd

              Hollywood, Fl

             (just east on I-95 on the south side of Hollywood Blvd)

When:   Monday- Saturday 7:30am- 7:00pm

               Now - December 14, 2013

 What:    Pet Food!! Wet or  Dry, cat or dog food.


 The Broward Meals on Wheels for Companion Animals program began in 1990 when volunteers began noticing clients were sharing their meals with their pets. Seniors on  a fixed income who find it challenging to meet their own needs are especially emotional about their pets and thier ability to feed them. Pets can provide the unconditional love and companionship that brings us joy at any age.

"The program relies entirely upon donation and volunteers", says Mark Adler, Executive Director of Broward Meals on Wheels. " Our community partners, volunteers and donors have been incredibly generous and are committed to the well being of our seniors and their 4 legged families."

This year Hollywood Animal Hospital is hosting our second Annual Pet Food Drive. We are asking for donations of pet food: wet or dry, canine or feline be dropped off at our hospital and we will match it pound for pound!!

"Hosting the food drive is our way of giving back to the Hollywood community that has supported us for so many years.  We were moved by the generosity of our clients and community last year and look forward to even greater success this year" said Dr. James Dee Owner of HAH. Last year we collected 1000lbs of food and with the help of our partners at Hills and Purina Pet Foods delivered a total donation of 2000lbs. 

For additional information contact the HAH, 954-920-3556 or go online to www.hollywoodanimal.com or www. bmow.org


Broward Meals on Wheels for Pets Food Drive

Hollywood Animal Hospital is once again teaming up with Broward Meals on Wheels (BMOW) to gather food for pets of homebound seniors throughout Broward County.  Last year the community donated 1000 lbs of food that was matched by the HAH and HAH partners, Purina and Hills pet food companies for a total of 2000 lbs of food donations.

"Hosting the HAH Annual Broward Meals on Wheels Food Drive for Pets is our opportunity to give back to the Hollywood community that has supported us for so many years. We were moved by the generosity of our clients and community last year and look forward to even greater success this year. We are deeply appreciative to both Hills and Purina food companies for their assistance in the Food Drive."

Donations of canned and dry foods for cats and dogs made from October 21 - December 14, 2013 will be matched pound for pound by HAH.

BMOW delivers pet food once a month to homebound seniors who need assistance taking care of their in-home pets. Pet food is provided through the generosity of community donations.

Just stop by with a donation of canned, dry or dehydrated food for cats or dogs. This year we are asking for a strong focus on cat food due to the needs of BMOW participants.

For additional information on BMOW, please visit http://www.bmow.org/our-services/.