Monday, September 29, 2014

Pets & Chewing

It is natural for puppies to explore their environment; however, their natural curiosity often leads to frustration on your part when they chew your favorite slippers. While you may be tempted to punish your naughty pup, reinforcing good behavior is much more effective and will keep you and your dog happier. Chewing is a natural behavior that helps dogs relax and aids in dental health. It is important to provide proper chew toys for your dog. Additionally, giving your dog a specific time for chewing will help them ”wind” down for the night (similar to humans reading a book before bed).
Anxious chewing
However, not all chewing is good for your dog. Destructive chewing may be related to anxiety. It is important to teach your dog that he cannot always receive attention on demand. To reduce anxiety, train him to lie on his bed or in a crate, rather than constantly at your side. For dogs with separation anxiety, begin with short departures and then gradually increase the length of your time away to help them be comfortable and calm while you’re gone.
Anti-chew sprays
Anti-chew sprays can be used to deter your pup from chewing on household items. If you witness your puppy chewing on a household item, calmly walk over and spray the item with the anti-chew spray and firmly say ”leave it”. Instantly redirect your puppy’s attention by animating the dog toy in order to get him excited enough to chew it. Once the dog wants the toy give it to her and then softly praise the dog and back away (avoid turning this into an active game of tug-of-war; you simply want to get the dog interested in the toy). This will give the dog something to chew on and still remain in the calm state she was in previously.
Chew toys are a great way to keep your puppy busy as well as relieve pain associated with teething. Once the teeth erupt, the real chewing begins. The teeth seem to need “setting” into the jaw and this is accomplished through hard chewing. Present your puppy with a variety of toys to determine which types he likes best (avoid giving him chew toys that resemble household items that you do not want him to chew, i.e. a toy shaped like a shoe). Rotate different toys to keep your puppy’s interest and reward your puppy with praise when he chews on them. If the puppy seem to seek out a certain items that are not for chewing, try finding toys with similar textures because they may need that texture for dental health. Remember, buying a bunch of toys is a lot less expensive than replacing the furniture that he may chew up.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Haunted Howl-A-Ween Party at THE BARK!!!!

Be sure to come out this weekend and support Grateful Paws at their 4th Annual Haunted Hawl-o-ween Party at The BARK!!! Saturday, October 25th from 1-5, bring your four legged friends for a great party with a purpose. Learn more at -

September Team Member of the Month- Mary!!!!

Mary has been a fixture at the HAH since 1995. I say fixture because many of you know her from her role throughout the years as a receptionist. Her name is synonymous for many with the caring heart of the HAH.   

However, lately she has been utilizing her skills as a phone operator in our very hectic phone room.  This important task is often challenging- when all 14 lines are ringing- but Mary is always pleasant to our clients and shows how truly she cares about how their needs and feelings. 

Now, Mary is not one to be boxed in so it has been no big surprise to hear reports of her up front assisting and interacting with clients. Her genuine joyous personality shines through with this GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. We are pleased to recognize her as this month’s Team Member of the Month!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

September Patient of the Month- Tori!!!

Every month we highlight a patient who’s experience at the HAH has touched our lives. This month’s patient is no different but the words that seem most appropriate to share her story have come more from our client then our staff.

Tori, spent 9 days with us recovering from a very complicated surgical procedure that required one of our senior doctors to perform on emergency. She was a wonderful patient and a very luck girl. When her family was asked permission to share her story, they quickly said yes! There words seem to say it all. 

Every morning I wake up to a 60-pound labradoodle sticking her big nose in my face and smothering me with kisses -- and then I thank God for the Hollywood Animal Hospital. Tori wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Dr. Sessa and Nellie. No words can describe the admiration and love my wife and I have for both. We are blessed to have them in our lives and the lives of my dogs.

We also want to thank Kathy and all the wonderful staff at HAH, who worked so hard to save Tori's life.

On Memorial Day weekend, Tori jumped into the back of my SUV – like she’s done a thousand times before.  Only this time, she misjudged her jump and fell right on the back latch – rupturing her bladder and tearing her urethra.

Dr. Sessa performed two and a half hours of emergency surgery that night, while Nellie texted me updates and Dr. James Dee so kindly offered me his words of comfort. Tori required more than 100 internal stitches and another 100 stitches on the outside. She likely would have died that night had Dr. Sessa not operated.

After the surgery, while she lay unconscious, I knelt down beside her and kissed her not knowing whether I would ever see her again.  She spent eight touch-and-go days at HAH. I visited her twice a day, but at first I wasn’t convinced she’d ever come home again.

I have been bringing my dogs to HAH for 42 years and have witnessed one miracle after another. Quite frankly, I was concerned I may have used up my fair share of miracles.

But Tori did came home. She’s running again, playing again and, yes, giving me those morning kisses.

Our very special thanks for all your extra efforts on behalf of Tori. You saved our dog and touched our hearts.
Tori touched our hearts too. She was the sweetest patient and we are so pleased to recognized her as our Patient of the Month!!!