Monday, September 15, 2014

September Patient of the Month- Tori!!!

Every month we highlight a patient who’s experience at the HAH has touched our lives. This month’s patient is no different but the words that seem most appropriate to share her story have come more from our client then our staff.

Tori, spent 9 days with us recovering from a very complicated surgical procedure that required one of our senior doctors to perform on emergency. She was a wonderful patient and a very luck girl. When her family was asked permission to share her story, they quickly said yes! There words seem to say it all. 

Every morning I wake up to a 60-pound labradoodle sticking her big nose in my face and smothering me with kisses -- and then I thank God for the Hollywood Animal Hospital. Tori wouldn’t be here right now if it wasn’t for Dr. Sessa and Nellie. No words can describe the admiration and love my wife and I have for both. We are blessed to have them in our lives and the lives of my dogs.

We also want to thank Kathy and all the wonderful staff at HAH, who worked so hard to save Tori's life.

On Memorial Day weekend, Tori jumped into the back of my SUV – like she’s done a thousand times before.  Only this time, she misjudged her jump and fell right on the back latch – rupturing her bladder and tearing her urethra.

Dr. Sessa performed two and a half hours of emergency surgery that night, while Nellie texted me updates and Dr. James Dee so kindly offered me his words of comfort. Tori required more than 100 internal stitches and another 100 stitches on the outside. She likely would have died that night had Dr. Sessa not operated.

After the surgery, while she lay unconscious, I knelt down beside her and kissed her not knowing whether I would ever see her again.  She spent eight touch-and-go days at HAH. I visited her twice a day, but at first I wasn’t convinced she’d ever come home again.

I have been bringing my dogs to HAH for 42 years and have witnessed one miracle after another. Quite frankly, I was concerned I may have used up my fair share of miracles.

But Tori did came home. She’s running again, playing again and, yes, giving me those morning kisses.

Our very special thanks for all your extra efforts on behalf of Tori. You saved our dog and touched our hearts.
Tori touched our hearts too. She was the sweetest patient and we are so pleased to recognized her as our Patient of the Month!!!


  1. I have become a huge fan of animal hospitals. Human hospitals still scare me but I have met so many caring doctors that treat animals. I wish I could become a vet as well, these are the best people.

  2. Thank you so much HAH! Tori is doing GREAT because of your wonderful effort. You're the best!!!