Friday, August 29, 2014

August Team Member of the Month- Stephanie!!!!

This month's Team Member of the Month is a firecracker!!! Stephanie has been a member of our team on-an-off for many years. After a move out-of-state to pursue an opportunity at another practice, Stephanie returned to the HAH in 2006. Since her return she has taken on many responsibilities and excelled with each. 

Stephanie is an excellent technician. She has specialized experience in surgery, x-ray and post operative care. What makes her team member this month is her attitude.

Her love for life and adventure has always been a part of her character but this vigor has been renewed in the workplace and her attitude toward teamwork has been example worthy.
"Stephanie has such a positive attitude and never sits still. During any down time she is sweeping and finding other duties to make herself productive."

"She is great with patients as well as their owners!"
We are grateful to have such a technically skilled member on our staff as well as someone that brings such a good attitude to the table.

 Thank you for all you contribute, Steph!!!
Stephanie is a member of the Gold Coast Roller Derby Team of South Florida
Stephanie is essential to our success of at the Stonewall Pride Events each June!!!

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