Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hollywood Animal Hospital Helps Return Stolen Pet

A black-clad gunman, stymied by his sidewalk victim's lack of cash, snatched the one available item of dubious value: An ailing Yorkshire terrier.
Within about 72 hours, Hollywood code enforcement officers found little India along the Dixie Highway corridor, police said Friday.
The dog was taken to the Hollywood Animal Hospital, determined to be in stable condition, and was returned home.
Even so, owner Damica Clark said, when found, her dog had suffered broken teeth, eye homorrhaging and an abrasion down its right side.
The person who stole the dog remained at large on Friday, police said.

She was dashing down the Dixie Highway corridor Friday in Hollywood when code enforcement officers spotted her and the chase began.
India, a 9-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was determined to run all the way home to Miami, owner Damica Clark said. The dog had been missing since Tuesday when she was snatched at gunpoint in Hollywood.
The officers followed little India for a while, Clark said. The dog finally got tired, cut through someone's yard and collapsed.
India was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital, where she was reunited with Clark.
"I feel horrible," Clark, 31, said. "I know she's in a lot of pain physically and emotionally, and there's not much I can do."

The Yorkshire terrier, when found, had broken teeth, eye hemorrhaging and a bad abrasion on its right side, said owner Damica Clark. (Photo courtesy of Damica Clark / August 1, 2014),0,1018715.story,0,7402231.story

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