Thursday, May 31, 2012

Team Member of the Month for May: Ashley Cutter

Ashley Cutter started working at the Hollywood Animal Hospital in February, 2007 as a receptionist. Although it was her ultimate goal to become a Veterinary Assistant, she was a terrific receptionist and it was hard for us to let her go. About a years ago, we finally relinquished her and she got her wish to be a Veterinary Assistant. Ashley excelled in that department as well. Most recently, Ashley has become a Veterinary Technician in training and has already become an outstanding part of our technician team! What makes Ashley one of our most valued employees is, her willingness to lend a hand in any department. Her positive attitude is something we wish we could bottle!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May Pet of the Month: Jordan

 “Jordan” Mujovic, a 20 week old Boston Terrier was brought to the HAH after owner noticed him acting lethargic, not eating, vomiting and diarrhea. Jordan was immediately tested and hospitalized for Parvovirus.

Jordan’s recovery took about a week and involved intensive hospitalized care, IV fluid and medications. He was monitored closely by not only his family but a crew of very dedicated doctors and technicians. By his fifth day of hospitalization, Jordan was getting brighter and with the introduction of chicken, he started to eat.

Earlier this month, Jordan returned for his two week recheck and is doing great. His parents have the happy, healthy puppy back that we all grew to love.