Monday, August 31, 2015

Computed Tomography (CT scanning)

VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital utilizes an advanced computed tomography (CT) scanner system with enhanced features for greater patient comfort and safety, quicker exam times, and improved image quality for faster, more effective diagnosis and treatment. This is particularly important when determining the extent of injuries in trauma cases, where every second counts.

While CT uses X-ray technology, it is distinguished from other imaging tools like traditional X-ray and MRI by its ability to display a combination of soft tissue (like muscles, tissue, organs and fat), bones and blood vessels all in a single image. Clinicians perform CT scans to diagnose kidney, lung, liver, spine, blood diseases, cancer, tumors and cysts, as well as blood clots, hemorrhages and infections.

During a CT exam, a patient lies on a table and is slowly moved into the large donut-shaped opening of the scanner. Once inside, a series of X-ray beams create hundreds of cross-sectional pictures that represent slices of the patient's body. Seconds later, the system's computer assembles the slices into three-dimensional images that are interpreted by a clinician.

Multi-detector CT has dramatically improved clinicians' ability to accurately diagnose disease at an early stage. Offering superior imaging capabilities, it is a powerful diagnostic tool that uses rotating X-rays to penetrate body tissues, generating multiple slice images, which can detect more than traditional radiography.
CT can also be used to guide a biopsy of an abnormality within the body less invasively than with surgery. Veterinary patients need to be anesthetized for CT scans, so that they will hold still long enough for the examination. Every patient that presents for a CT scan will receive a thorough physical exam, and will have a review of recent bloodwork and other testing done prior to anesthesia to ensure they are good candidates for anesthesia. Also, every patient anesthetized at VCA HAH is closely monitored while under anesthesia by a veterinarian and a certified veterinary technician. VCA HAH has a dual slice CT scanner, capable of helical scanning, a technology which allows more rapid scanning of the patient than non-helical CT machines. Surgical suites and the ICU (with board certified surgeons, internal medicine specialists, neurologists, emergency and critical care, and other specialists) are close by.
Computed tomography (CT) is a diagnostic tool that uses x-rays to obtain cross-sectional images of the body. CT is commonly used to image:
• Lungs and other thoracic (chest) structures
• Orthopedic conditions such as elbow dysplasia, complex fractures, tumors or infections, etc.
• Skull, nasal cavity and sinuses, middle or inner ear disease.
• Can be used to diagnose vascular liver shunts and other abdominal diseases such as adrenal tumors or liver tumors, assisting a surgeon to plan a difficult surgery to remove or treat these abnormalities.

Friday, August 28, 2015

August Team Member of the Month- Anna!!!!!!

She is awesome!!!
With the latest Team Member of the Month nominations, it appears we are having a lovefest with our Emergency Night staff!!!

  It is no real surprise either because this group works tirelessly while the rest of us literally rest.  Their expertise and passion for patient care manages our our most critical patients all along being ready to handle any kind of emergency. The accolades for this team member in particular could be no more deserved!!!

For 20 years our Team Member of the Month, Anna, has been a part of this crew. She has lent her expertise to the technician team and now plays a more supportive role behind the scenes.

While many of our day staff have never met her. Some do not even know her position exists. However, her productivity in the wee hours of night make each of our days caring for pets more informed, more efficient and simply better!

This unseen star is certainly super and while she may like the low profile, her role is irreplaceable. We are very please to recognize, Anna  as our August Team Member of the Month!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Patient of the Month- Carli!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have circumstances outside our control that can affect our lives and the lives of our pets. We see very often families that need to travel unexpectedly, have an illness in their family or are experiencing a transition and their pets becomes a regular guest at our hospital. Often, these frequent flyers find a special place in the hearts of our staff. 

While we see many many animals every day, these regulars become a sort of office pet. I companion we get through the day with. One of these regulars in particular, fits this bill perfectly and comes with a very sweet ending. 

Carli, a 14+year old Jack Russel was our HAH guest. She was on eye medications several times a day. She enjoyed her trips to walk and explore the yard. But mostly she spent her days simply relaxing in her kennel. Each time we passed, with a face like her’s, who could resist stopping by for a visit.

One person in particular could not! Maybe it was the way Carli looked so much like her own dog at home or maybe it was simply meant to be but after an extended stay with us, Candice, our Boarding Coordinator was hooked and unofficially ‘adopted’ Carli as her 'work pup'.

Every day, Candice would pick Carli up and visit with her. As the days progressed these visits moved toward Candice’s office until she essentially moved. While this is rather unusual in our practice, between the hours of 8-5 Carli was an office pet. No one seemed to mind, least of all her owner. Due to her own circumstances, Carli’s mom could not have her at home. While her family came to visit; knowing she was so well cared for was a great peace of mind to them.  Soon everyone just expected Carli and Candice to be together. 

Today, Carli does not visit the office too often. As fate would have it, Candice was allowed to bring Carli home. Now her days are filled with her extended family unit which includes two small children, a three legged mutt, a 15 year old Chihuahua, a Police Dog and of course-Dad! 

 This family of 8 makes a wonderful team and we could not be happier to share this happily ever after story. #LG


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VCA HAH Services-At-A-Glance

When referring to VCA HAH, please call our hospital’s main line at 954.920.3556. Our staff will connect you directly to the appropriate person to discuss the case and determine which of our services are in alignment with your diagnostic plan.  

You can also refer online through our Patient Referral Form. Please complete the appropriate medical sections to better facilitate communication regarding your client’s care.

Advanced Dental Procedures

Advanced Ultrasound Diagnostics
Anne Murphy, DVM, DABVP

Canine Rehabilitation Therapy
Malia Shelton LVT, CCRT
Services include-but not limited to: Manual manipulation, Laser Therapy, Therapeutic ultrasound, Land & Underwater Treadmill and TENS and NEMS therapy.



CT Scan/ Radiology
Victoria McEwan, DVM,DACVR
David A.Jimenez, DVM, DACVR
Antech Imaging Service
Services include: Image capture, interpretation and consultation of CT and digital radiography Images.


Ear cropping

Emergency & Critical Care
Anne Murphy, DVM, DABVP
Thomas Sessa, DVM
Jodi Heim, DVM
Kate Cappe, DVM
Michael Freifeld, DVM
Angela Suarez, DVM
Abigail Kreines,DVM
Lauren Vezzosi, DVM
Michael Freifeld, DVM
Joseph Katz, VMD


Dewey Carpenter, DVM, DACVIM (Cardiology)

General, Reconstructive Surgery and
Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Anne Murphy, DVM, DABVP
Thomas Sessa, DVM

Laser Surgery


Orthopedic Surgery

Reproductive Medicine
Kate Cappe, DVM
Stem Cell Therapy

Transfusion Medicine

Blood Bank

We stock a complete supply of blood products to readily provide pRBC and Plasma to hospitalized patients. Our highly trained staff is available 24/7/365 to perform transfusion therapy in support of your treatment plan. 

There is Nothing Routine About Our Care!”