Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Patient of the Month- Carli!!!!!!!!!!!

We all have circumstances outside our control that can affect our lives and the lives of our pets. We see very often families that need to travel unexpectedly, have an illness in their family or are experiencing a transition and their pets becomes a regular guest at our hospital. Often, these frequent flyers find a special place in the hearts of our staff. 

While we see many many animals every day, these regulars become a sort of office pet. I companion we get through the day with. One of these regulars in particular, fits this bill perfectly and comes with a very sweet ending. 

Carli, a 14+year old Jack Russel was our HAH guest. She was on eye medications several times a day. She enjoyed her trips to walk and explore the yard. But mostly she spent her days simply relaxing in her kennel. Each time we passed, with a face like her’s, who could resist stopping by for a visit.

One person in particular could not! Maybe it was the way Carli looked so much like her own dog at home or maybe it was simply meant to be but after an extended stay with us, Candice, our Boarding Coordinator was hooked and unofficially ‘adopted’ Carli as her 'work pup'.

Every day, Candice would pick Carli up and visit with her. As the days progressed these visits moved toward Candice’s office until she essentially moved. While this is rather unusual in our practice, between the hours of 8-5 Carli was an office pet. No one seemed to mind, least of all her owner. Due to her own circumstances, Carli’s mom could not have her at home. While her family came to visit; knowing she was so well cared for was a great peace of mind to them.  Soon everyone just expected Carli and Candice to be together. 

Today, Carli does not visit the office too often. As fate would have it, Candice was allowed to bring Carli home. Now her days are filled with her extended family unit which includes two small children, a three legged mutt, a 15 year old Chihuahua, a Police Dog and of course-Dad! 

 This family of 8 makes a wonderful team and we could not be happier to share this happily ever after story. #LG


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