Tuesday, August 25, 2015

VCA HAH Services-At-A-Glance

When referring to VCA HAH, please call our hospital’s main line at 954.920.3556. Our staff will connect you directly to the appropriate person to discuss the case and determine which of our services are in alignment with your diagnostic plan.  

You can also refer online through our Patient Referral Form. Please complete the appropriate medical sections to better facilitate communication regarding your client’s care.

Advanced Dental Procedures

Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery
Briana Danielson, DVM, DACVS

Advanced Ultrasound Diagnostics

Canine Rehabilitation Therapy
Malia Shelton LVT, CCRT
Services include-but not limited to: Manual manipulation, Laser Therapy, Therapeutic ultrasound, Land & Underwater Treadmill and TENS and NEMS therapy.



CT Scan/ Radiology
Victoria McEwan, DVM,DACVR
David A.Jimenez, DVM, DACVR
Antech Imaging Service
Services include: Image capture, interpretation and consultation of CT and digital radiography Images.


Ear cropping

Emergency & Critical Care
Jodi Heim, DVM

General and Reconstructive Surgery

Anne Murphy, DVM, DABVP
Thomas Sessa, DVM

Laser surgeries

Briana Danielson, DVM, DACVS
Larry G. Dee, DVM, DABVP

Orthopedic Surgery
Stem Cell Therapy

Transfusion Medicine

Blood Bank

We stock a complete supply of blood products to readily provide pRBC and Plasma to hospitalized patients. Our highly trained staff is available 24/7/365 to perform transfusion therapy in support of your treatment plan. 

There is Nothing Routine About Our Care!”

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