Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ack—My Pet Ate Garbage!

Why worry? Because people food is not safe for animals. And food isn’t the only risk—animals will eat the most unexpected things. It’s important to guard that garbage can.
“You don’t want your dog to pig out on chocolate or leftover pizza, chicken or turkey—anything with a high percentage of fat can lead to pancreatitis (inflammation and swelling of the pancreas, which can cause permanent damage and be fatal)," says Martha Gearhart, DVM, owner of Pleasant Valley Animal Hospital, Pleasant Valley, N.Y. “Raw bones are digestible, but their sharp points are dangerous, and cooked bones are very brittle and can shatter [once eaten].”
The odor of food or blood attracts animals to garbage, sometimes with tragic results—Gearhart’s brother’s dog ate the plastic wrap and Styrofoam tray from a package of meat, killing the dog. “It didn’t show up in the X-ray, but the points from the Styrofoam punctured the lung,” she recalls.
Boredom and separation anxiety can make animals explore trash cans or pounce on decorations, Gearhart says. “Some dogs have a passion for salty, smelly socks!” she notes. “I had one dog that enjoyed knocking down glass ornaments and biting on decorative balls.”
Cats eating tinsel is so common that tinselitis is a veterinary term. “Cats won’t eat tinsel from the garbage can, but will be attracted to tinsel on a tree,” warns Gearhart.
I discovered that myself—my own cat once ate tinsel. I found out when she eliminated it, tangled in balls of poop that she dragged around the apartment. I was lucky to get her to the veterinarian in time for treatment.
Dogs may eat used tampons or sanitary pads, which cause dangerous internal obstructions, Gearhart says.
There is string in a roast or bird, and string is severely dangerous—it causes internal damage. Cats are more likely to eat string than are dogs, notes Gearhart.
Prevention First
Prevention is the best way to protect animals from garbage:
  • Rinse wrappers, containers and packaging before pitching them.
  • Lock garbage under the sink or on the porch.
  • Use trash cans with tight-fitting lids (heavy, self-closing cans for households with large dogs).
  • Move garbage from indoors to well-secured outdoor containers.
  • Put tinsel and breakable decorations high up, out of reach.
  • Put a decorated tree in a room with a door—and keep it closed.
  • Keep dogs away from dangerous and tempting situations.
As Gearhart notes, “I’m all for crate training. They feel better and more secure.”
Protective Measures
If precautions fail, the best thing to do is call your veterinarian, who might have you come in to get a vomit-inducing drug. Or, they may encourage you to induce vomiting, unless the animal ate something sharp, acidic or caustic.
In some instances, your veterinarian might have you wait—it can take up to 5 days for elimination. Regardless, work with your veterinarian to find the best “cure” for your pet.
Here’s to a safe diet, and holiday season, for your animals!
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Originally published by AAHA.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome Dr. Arango!!

Dr. Johnattan Arango, DVM, First Year Associate, Surgical Intern

Internship-The Ohio State University
Hollywood Animal Hospital, Vet Clinic, Animal  care Dr. Arango is a native of Bogotá, Colombia.  He moved to south Florida when he was 16 years old.  He received both his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science (2008) and his veterinary degree (2012) from the University of Florida.  After veterinary school, Dr. Arango completed a one-year rotating internship in small animal medicine and surgery at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  He is currently Dr. Jon Dee’s Surgical Intern.  Dr. Arango hopes to match for a small animal surgical residency position and some day becoming a board certified surgeon.
In his spare time, Dr. Arango enjoys SCUBA diving, riding his bicycle, grilling and spending time with his family, friends and his 1 year-old cat, Amadeus.


Welcome Dr. Miyamoto!!

Dr. Fumiko Miyamoto, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Miyamoto was born and raised in Japan and moved to the US when she was 15 to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Her parents and family stayed in Japan while she attended boarding school in Danville, California. After her college counselor told her that it would be extremely difficult to get into veterinary school, she switched paths and majored in Digital Graphics. However, during undergrad, she couldn't stop thinking about being around animals so she attended Western Career College and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2004. She started to work as a weekend technician for a high volume emergency clinic in San Leandro, California. After completing undergrad, she took night classes to finish up pre-requisite classes so she could attend veterinary school. She eventually made her dream come true and received her degree from Ross University. Her professional interests include internal medicine, emergency and critical care medicine and hemodialysis.

Although she is a northern Cali-girl at heart, she discovered that she enjoys living in tropical weather and being close to the beach which Florida offers. The beach is where she goes to relax and rejuvenate! She currently has three cute kitties; Kuma (12yr), Melon (2yrs) and Tora (10months) who all know how to do some basic tricks (sit, paw, and wait).

Welcome Dr. Quinter!!

Dr. Katie Quinter, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Katie Quinter grew up on a cattle and horse farm in the small town of Minster, Ohio. She obtained her undergraduate degree at Denison University where she played varsity volleyball and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a minor in Biology. After undergrad, she moved to Chicago, Illinois and worked at UBS Financial Services in a Corporate Cash Management Group as a marketing associate. After a couple of years of working at UBS, she realized that she was not passionate about finance and needed to find a more fulfilling career. Going back to her roots of growing up around animals, she decided to embark on a degree in veterinary medicine. Dr. Quinter received her D.V.M degree at Ohio State in 2013 and feels that she has found her true calling. Her interests include general practice, emergency medicine, surgery, and veterinary business management.

Outside of veterinary medicine, Dr. Quinter enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She is one of eight kids and has 6 nephews and 1 niece who light up her world! She also enjoys traveling, photography, physical fitness and being an avid sports fan – especially for the Ohio State Buckeyes. She has 2 cats, Sadie and Bella, who are still living in Ohio with their lucky Aunt Laura.

Welcome Dr. Akins!!

Dr. Ashley Akins, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Akins, a native of South Miami, completed her undergraduate education at Auburn University, and continued her post-graduate studies at Northeastern University, while freezing and swearing never to live in New England again.  She attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the beautiful island of St. Kitts for her veterinary preclinical coursework, and continued at Louisiana State University for her clinical year of study, receiving her DVM in January 2013.
Dr. Akins has a varied professional background that includes adventuresome work with many exotic and wild animal species, but her devotion to kind and compassionate companion animal care is foremost. She enjoys building strong client relationships and is eager to see clients leave with a smile on their face.  Her professional interests include emergency and critical care, animal behavior, and physical rehabilitation. 
In her spare time, Dr. Akins enjoys fishing, free-diving, cycling, and playing in the garden.  She has a penchant for old rock 'n' roll, jazz, and samba records, and loves to cook meals for friends and family.  Her "pocket-Chow", Rocketman, provides unmatched companionship on hikes, kayaking, and long road trips.  Her two cats, Romeo and Donovan, live the life of luxury between occasional bug-catching and laser-pointer-pursuit.  She is thrilled to be back in South Florida again and is looking forward to working with the terrific staff at HAH.

Welcome Dr. Sheldon!!!

Dr. Tiffany Sheldon, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Tiffany Sheldon was born and raised in Miami, FL. She attended undergraduate school at the University of Central Florida and veterinary school at the Louisiana State University.

Growing up in Miami, Dr. Sheldon enjoyed the outdoors and had a strong interest in marine biology. She was a research assistant at the University of Central Florida for marine turtle research which lead her to develop an interest in aquatic animal medicine. In addition to aquatic animal medicine, Dr. Sheldon is passionate about small animal medicine, particularly ophthalmology, dermatology, and emergency medicine.
During her days off, you can find Dr. Sheldon enjoying the beauty of South Florida, whether it be on the sand at the beach, underwater snorkeling or SCUBA diving, or eating at the many delicious restaurants in town. She is also a die-hard Miami Heat fan! Her two scaly kids are African Fat Tail Geckos, Togo and Ziva. Dr. Sheldon also loves Chocolate Labradors and hopes to have her own one day soon!

Dr. Sheldon is excited to be back in South Florida and is looking forward to working with you and your pets’ needs.

Welcome Dr. Schoeller!!

Dr. Amber Schoeller, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Amber Brie Schoeller was born and raised in Hollywood, FL. She completed her undergraduate degree at Florida State University and her veterinary degree from the University of Florida. Dr. Schoeller’s plans for the future are to complete a residency in Emergency and Critical Care. Prior to veterinary school she was a Certified Veterinary Technician with over 15 years of experience in emergency medicine.

Dr. Schoeller spends her time off training and trialing her Golden Retriever “Dash” in agility, obedience, hunting and field tests. Her first pet as a child was a snake which later developed into a passion for reptiles. This then expanded into a full time research project on Diamond Back Rattlesnakes during vet school. Currently her household contains an Arc with two dogs, two cats, and two snakes. A strong interest in her life is muscle cars, attending car shows, and drag racing. When Dr. Schoeller is not beating the boys at the drag strip, she enjoys mountain biking, snowboarding, and hiking.

Welcome Dr. Low!!

Dr.Maggie Low, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Maggie Low, DVM, MPH, received her veterinary training from the University of Florida College Of Veterinary Medicine, where she also obtained her B.S. in animal science and Master of Public Health. Go Gators! A Florida girl born and raised, she spent summers working as an ocean lifeguard, and is happy to be moving back to the beach.
Dr. Low has wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. She started working as a veterinary technician in high school and grew up riding and showing horses. In her free time Dr. Low enjoys working out, cooking, spending time with friends and hanging out with her pit bull mix Zeus. She also has an orange tabby named Monkey.   Her special interests include dermatology, shelter medicine and “one health."

Welcome Dr. Manasherov!

Dr. Irma Manasherov, D.V.M. First Year Associate

Dr. Irma Manasherov was born in Georgia, Former Soviet Republic and moved to New York City when she was a young girl.  She speaks Georgian and Russian fluently. She received a Bachelor's in Biology from Boston University and received  her DVM from University of Florida. Dr. Manasherov  previously worked at the HAH as a vet assistant and technician and is really proud and excited  to return to the HAH as a veterinarian. Her special interests are in general and internal medicine. She has a Quaker parrot named Goscha  and a cat named Lily who get along famously. Goscha often sleeps on her shoulder while Lily slumbers on her lap. Dr. Manasherov enjoys learning how to cook delicious Georgian food from her grandmother.  She is mildly obsessed with Starbucks and is often found reading a book and enjoying their beverages during her free time.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Treat Recipe for Dogs

Are you looking for a nice summer treat for your dog? This can be as easy as stuffing a Kong and freezing it! Just remember to feed your pet their cool treat outside because it can get a little messy as it defrosts.

Patient of the Month- June

Since we started our Patient of the Month stories, so many seem to hinge on one recurrent fact. While each patient has a different battle to contend with and each pet has a different obstacle to overcome what ties them together, what has become very clear is the uniqueness of the owner(s) to stay the course.

Medicine is important. That fact needs little explanation. Whether it be surgery or medical care there is no substitute for the knowledge that the staff at HAH offers. Also, the patient themselves play a major role. Each pet has to have the drive to fight, a general will to get well and often a disposition that allows space for the lengthy treatments and lifestyle modifications needed in long term care.

But no pet goes through this alone.

All of these pets have had a loving, supportive family that was willing to do whatever it took to help their cause. Maybe this is not so unique. Maybe the truth is that many of us would stay the course. Given these challenges we may shine like these owners. Thankfully, many of us have not been tested. Hopefully, we never will. Nonetheless, these owners are critical to their pets’ success.

This month we are honoring as our Patient of the Month, all of our past patients as well as their family. We also want to recognize the many pets that do not make the monthly mention but have none the less fought the same valiant fights.

The HAH is so pleased to be the place your pets come and love to share in these success stories.  

July Team Member of the Month- Mike!!!

It is hard to believe that this team member has not been acknowledging before as Team Member of the Month. Perhaps his role in so many of our successes over the last year has been so seamless that isolating him has been a challenge. No more!!!!
You may remember him as our Santa Clause!!

Or met him during a late night ER visit…

You may have even seen him at Stonewall!!

Could it have been his Biggest Loser Victory?????

Perhaps his many appearances on YouTube have graced your screen.

This month we would like to draw your attention to Mike D!!!

After working at the Broward Animal Shelter, Mike began as a HAH Vet Assistant in August of 2010. He quickly moved through the ranks and is now a Doctor’s technician, Emergency Surgical technician, Critical Care technician, Santa Claus and so much more.

His skills set him apart. He is always available with a “YES” and his service is always successful. He is reliable, hard working and fun! He makes things look easy and seems to enjoy everything along the way. Mike is being recognized as our team member of the month for July but has been a shining member of our team for much longer.

We would very much like to thank him!!!

July Patient of the Month Bubba, in memoriam.

This month we would like to highlight a patient that touched not just the lives of his owners but the hearts of many here at the HAH. 

Bubba, a 14+ yr old yorkie, was a regular visitor beginning January, 2013. After being diagnosed at his regular vet with chronic renal failure, Bubba was prescribed subcutaneous fluids to be administers twice daily along with intermittent injectable medications, making him a frequent flyer through our doors and therefore meeting many of our day and night staff.

While his care with us only spanned 5 months of his life, a mere fraction of the time he spent on earth, we got to know him and his family in a very personal way and when his fight was over we all felt the loss. 

“Our lives have forever been changed by the passing of our little angel, but during his long courageous fight to stay with us, we met some of the most amazing people at Hollywood Animal Hospital. We will never find the words to thank Dr. Murphy for being the most amazing, caring and loving person and for Liz, Nicole, Amanda, Sara, Tammy, Dory, Kyle, Stefan, Larry, Donna, Mel, Leia and all the rest who will be in our hearts forever.

We miss their smiling faces everyday and will forever be grateful for their compassion. Although we never wanted to say good-bye to our angel it was time, his fight was over and he let us know it was time.”- Suzi Schecter

In his final months, Bubba’s conditions worsened when it was the end, he was surrounded by the people he had grown to love and those that loved him, in a place he felt was his second home.

We are thankful to have been a part of his life and care.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dog House Repairs Month

Does your dog have a dog house? It's Dog House Repairs Month! Make sure their house is not made of pressure treated wood if they are a puppy or a chewer! Pressure treated wood is treated with arsenic and is poisonous to pets if consumed!