Thursday, July 11, 2013

July Patient of the Month Bubba, in memoriam.

This month we would like to highlight a patient that touched not just the lives of his owners but the hearts of many here at the HAH. 

Bubba, a 14+ yr old yorkie, was a regular visitor beginning January, 2013. After being diagnosed at his regular vet with chronic renal failure, Bubba was prescribed subcutaneous fluids to be administers twice daily along with intermittent injectable medications, making him a frequent flyer through our doors and therefore meeting many of our day and night staff.

While his care with us only spanned 5 months of his life, a mere fraction of the time he spent on earth, we got to know him and his family in a very personal way and when his fight was over we all felt the loss. 

“Our lives have forever been changed by the passing of our little angel, but during his long courageous fight to stay with us, we met some of the most amazing people at Hollywood Animal Hospital. We will never find the words to thank Dr. Murphy for being the most amazing, caring and loving person and for Liz, Nicole, Amanda, Sara, Tammy, Dory, Kyle, Stefan, Larry, Donna, Mel, Leia and all the rest who will be in our hearts forever.

We miss their smiling faces everyday and will forever be grateful for their compassion. Although we never wanted to say good-bye to our angel it was time, his fight was over and he let us know it was time.”- Suzi Schecter

In his final months, Bubba’s conditions worsened when it was the end, he was surrounded by the people he had grown to love and those that loved him, in a place he felt was his second home.

We are thankful to have been a part of his life and care.

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