Thursday, July 11, 2013

Patient of the Month- June

Since we started our Patient of the Month stories, so many seem to hinge on one recurrent fact. While each patient has a different battle to contend with and each pet has a different obstacle to overcome what ties them together, what has become very clear is the uniqueness of the owner(s) to stay the course.

Medicine is important. That fact needs little explanation. Whether it be surgery or medical care there is no substitute for the knowledge that the staff at HAH offers. Also, the patient themselves play a major role. Each pet has to have the drive to fight, a general will to get well and often a disposition that allows space for the lengthy treatments and lifestyle modifications needed in long term care.

But no pet goes through this alone.

All of these pets have had a loving, supportive family that was willing to do whatever it took to help their cause. Maybe this is not so unique. Maybe the truth is that many of us would stay the course. Given these challenges we may shine like these owners. Thankfully, many of us have not been tested. Hopefully, we never will. Nonetheless, these owners are critical to their pets’ success.

This month we are honoring as our Patient of the Month, all of our past patients as well as their family. We also want to recognize the many pets that do not make the monthly mention but have none the less fought the same valiant fights.

The HAH is so pleased to be the place your pets come and love to share in these success stories.  

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