Friday, August 28, 2015

August Team Member of the Month- Anna!!!!!!

She is awesome!!!
With the latest Team Member of the Month nominations, it appears we are having a lovefest with our Emergency Night staff!!!

  It is no real surprise either because this group works tirelessly while the rest of us literally rest.  Their expertise and passion for patient care manages our our most critical patients all along being ready to handle any kind of emergency. The accolades for this team member in particular could be no more deserved!!!

For 20 years our Team Member of the Month, Anna, has been a part of this crew. She has lent her expertise to the technician team and now plays a more supportive role behind the scenes.

While many of our day staff have never met her. Some do not even know her position exists. However, her productivity in the wee hours of night make each of our days caring for pets more informed, more efficient and simply better!

This unseen star is certainly super and while she may like the low profile, her role is irreplaceable. We are very please to recognize, Anna  as our August Team Member of the Month!

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