Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Squirrel: Adopted Blood Donor

Squirrel, one of our Adopted Blood Donors came by last Friday.

This is Squirrel! 
Squirrel and Linda
Kris, Kennel Supervisor, and Joyce who adopted Squirrel

Squirrel was adopted about six years ago. He has spent those six years mingling with many of the other adopted out Greyhound's at social events. He has even seen his old housemate here because she is a local as well. Squirrel is now12 years old and is doing great. He is walking and playing everyday.

Squirrel is seen above with Linda as well as Kris our Kennel Supervisor. Kris spends most of her time with our donors and is about the most caring person you could ever want in the position.

We are proud to highlight Adopted Blood Donor, Squirrel!

To learn  more about the Hollywood Animal Hospital Blood Donor Program, view the video below. 

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