Tuesday, August 21, 2012

August Patient of the Month: Niki

Niki Zawada is an 11yr old German shepherd that was brought in on emergency one Friday morning.  Niki was intact and presented with signs of a pyometra; infection of the uterus. She was not walking and generally uncomfortable. The infection in her uterus was powerful and in an effort to maintain balance her body worked overtime resulting in sickness throughout many organ systems. Her kidney, liver and multiple other blood values were elevated causing her to go into a diabetic crisis.

Niki was immediately hospitalized and treated for the most urgent ailment, the sugar crisis.  After hours of aggressive treatment, antibiotics and fluid, Niki underwent surgery to remove her infected uterus. The surgery was tough for her and her recovery was slow.

Over the next week, Niki was treated for a variety of ailments that resulted from her body trying to return to normal. Niki received a total of 6 plasma transfusions to nourish and rehydrate her and underwent a series of blood test to monitor her ever changing symptoms.

Within a week she began looking like herself again and was discharged with strict orders of antibiotic, subcutaneous fliuds and TLC at home.  Fifteen days from the day she was brought into the HAH, her blood values were normal and she was finished with her meds. She was back to being Niki!

During her stay, Niki became a treasured part of our hospital. Her loving disposition and her struggle toward wellness touched us all. Today Niki, is home and healthy and both her family and the HAH are so happy with her recovery.

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