Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November- Patient of the Month Highlight

Koas, an eight year old mixed canine was seen on emergency for multiple gunshot wounds. That morning his owner returned home from work and let Kaos out only to be awaken later by the sound of gun shots and Kaos running inside.  He had been shot three times.

 Kaos had two bullets lodged in the soft tissue around his chest and abdomen and a shattered left scapula. His temperature was elevated and he was in shock. Our emergency doctor, Dr. Lukens, triaged Kaos and stabilized him.
The following morning Dr. Shapiro took over the case and discussed the poor prognosis with the client. Due to massive injury from ballistic penetration into the thoracic and abdominal cavity requiring multiple surgeries, with high risks of anesthesia, infection and potenital suffering, Koas' owner's had a difficult decision to make.
Meanwhile Kaos seemed to be resting comfortable even wagging his tail. That is what changed things. Kaos was a strong boy with a great spirit and together his family decided to go forward.

Kaos was hospitalized for a week where he underwent two surgeries that addressed the soft tissue damage caused by the gun shots. His scapula was left to heal naturally and he was sent home with instructions for bandage care and scheduled bandage changes. Within a month, Kaos was healing beautifully and was even putting some weight on his left leg.

Kaos’ spirit was the initial key to his success. He was a strong patient that always had a tail wag or lick for everyone. His progress was a joy to be a part of.  We are happy to highlight him as our patient for November.

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  1. I am very happy for him and his family!!! I love dogs!!