Thursday, May 23, 2013

May- Patient of the Month "Bella"

Orthopedic surgery, MRSA, Mast Cell tumors (MCT), Paralysis, Spinal Surgery.

These are only a few of the aliments that our May patient of the month had to overcome in the last four years.

Bella, a 7 year old boxer, was first seen in 2009 for orthopedic surgery on her knee by Dr. Jon. A year later, during her annual visit, she was diagnosed with mast cell tumors that had to be surgically removed. In the following year, more tumors were found and successfully removed but in 2012 she became acutely paralyzed. A referral to a neurologist resulted in spinal surgery and she was unable to walk for several months. Once she regained mobility she developed an aggressive MRSA skin infection and while being treated, additional MCTs were found.

Today, after a diagnosis and treatment for hypothyroidism, medical and supportive care for the skin infection and successful removal of the mast cell tumors, Bella, is as good as new!  But (clearly) the past few years have not been easy! 

Why Bella is so special to us though is not just for the various obstacle she has had to endure to regain her health but rather because of  the style in which she and her mom addressed them.

 As with many of our Patient’s of the Month, we find a highly committed pet and owner. Bella’s story is no different. This team stuck together through what may have seemed like insurmountable odds and obstacle only to be beautifully standing today.

This story has many more details. The day to day steps that both Bella and her Mom had to take to regain her life could fill pages. But today, we honor them both for their commitment and honor Bella as our Patient of the Month.

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