Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Team Member of the Month- Chris!!!!

 Recognition of this month’s Team Member of the Month has been a long time coming. On a day to day bases, Chris D. is by far one of the most relied upon staff member the HAH has. So often his time is left unscheduled so that each day he can be asked to do what ever is needed to keep the day moving. Be sure, that is certainly what happens.

Chris has been a part of the HAH team for 13 years with only a "short" hiatus that we like to forget. He is a doctor's technician, an emergency technician, a receptionist and a kennel attendant all in the same shift and wears his many hats effortlessly. Chris has a unique sense of humor and vision of the world that keeps us all laughing.

It is easy to see his value everyday and the entire HAH team is lucky to have him on board.
Congratulations to Chris, our March Team Member of the Month!

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  1. Congratulations Chris! You are the man, you've always been a positive hard working guy. I'm so proud of you. Glad to see you have a good job and are wanted there.