Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hollywood Animal Hospital Hosted Career Day Today!

Our very own Dr. Irma, Vet Tech- Linda Ream, and Roscoe (our unofficial mascot and personal pet of Dr. Patterson), visited Hollywood Hills Elementary School today! Dr. Irma, spoke with five 2nd grade classes about why she chose to become a Veterinarian, what it's like, and how they too, could become Veterinarians. She also brought stethoscopes for the children to listen to Roscoe's heart and lungs, and left some for the teachers to hand out later! The children loved every second of it! 

Here are some photos of today's event! 

We would like to give a HUGE "Thank you!" to 2nd Grade Teacher, Leslie Binder who organized this awesome event! We had a great time, THANK YOU!

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