Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Eye Exam Event at Stable Place

Here are photos of our Free Eye Exams for Service Animals we did at Stable Place, Inc on Friday. Stable Place is a non-profit organization, that dedicates changing the lives of their clients by Equine assistance with Psychotherapy Horses.  All three therapy animals, China, Paris and Lalo had a clean bill of health. You can visit for more information about service animals or LIKE them on Facebook today at

They also have adorable barn cats!

This is China, a 15 year-old, Appaloosa. 

This is Paris, a 10 year-old, White Arab.

Paris getting a bite to eat. 

Here is an interesting fact about Lalo, he has a prosthetic eye.


Here is Dr. Swinger examining Lalo. 

This is Lalo, Lalo, a 19 year-old, Tbred. 

They even have cute pigs roaming the grounds. 

Time for a "selfie"!

Leah with stable manager, Valerie.


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    1. We will be hosted these FREE exams again this year! So excited to share our services!!