Friday, April 18, 2014

Team Member of the Month- Caylin!!!!

Upon Caylin's returned to HAH three years ago she has slowing made herself indispensable. When her name is mentioned within departments it is immediately met with rave reviews and stories about what she has done for them.

She is trained to assist our Receptionists, Veterinary Assistants and Pharmacy team but fills in wherever she  is needed. Without a peep of hesitation or protest she quietly moves through each task; completing them with great care.

Caylin is exactly the type of employee that makes the HAH successful and we are pleased to be able to highlight her as our April Team Member of the Month!!! **

**With Caylin's proven reputation for being so capable it was tempting to let her write her own Team Member of the Month bio bit. While, she would probably have been more eloquent and comprehensive and timely-  we resisted!!!  Thank you for all you do, Caylin.

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