Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Team Member of the Month- Debbie!!!

As you have come to know, the "STARS" at the HAH wear many hats. Each Team Member of the Month is recognized not only for the job in their title but by the many other titles they share. This month is no different with our Debbie.
Debbie  began in 2008 as a Receptionist. She was a leader as the Shift Supervisor and Trainer. Almost a year ago she moved departments and easily found her home with our in-house lab ladies.

Debbie always does what is best for the HAH. She is a leader and she spoils us rotten!! In addition to all Debbie does for "work" she brings to our practice a lot of  fun too. Whether it be treats that she has baked, a creative and entertaining display for a farewell/welcome party or the annual video she produces of  the latest year at the HAH. Debbie is a giver. Debbie is a contributor. Debbie is the perfect June Team Member of the Month!!!

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