Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welcome Summer Volunteers!!!

We would like to give a warm 'Welcome' to our summer volunteers. We are very fortunate to have such a great group helping us care for our patients. They are bright and hard working and are certainly learning the ropes of the veterinary world. We are very happy to have them here and hope to see them back in the summers to come. We wish them all 'good luck' and hope they gain all the knowledge and experience possible to lead them down a successful path in the veterinary world! Thank you and welcome to Hollywood Animal Hospital!!

Meet Cory! He just finished his first year at the University of Florida! Welcome Cory!

Meet Natasha! She is very eager to get a head start in her Veterinary career! She is a High School Senior! Welcome Natasha!

Meet Amanda! She will begin her Veterinary studies as a Freshman at Auburn University this upcoming fall. Welcome Amanda!

Meet Ashley! She just finished a her first year at the University of Florida! Welcome Ashley!

Meet Cory (there are two Cory's)! He just finished his first year at the University of Florida! Welcome Cory!


  1. I love that the animal hospital had summer volunteers. That is a way to involve the community. How many people volunteered throughout the summer? Are any of them interns?

    Elisa Jed |

    1. The number of volunteers we have vary from year to year. The numbers increase in the summer simply due to availability. We welcome volunteers in all departments and see many veterinary students for externships as well. We even get Vets from around the world to come in for months at a time to share experiences. Our interns are staffed positions that we fill once a year through the MATCH program.
      Feel free to contact us at if you need any additional information or want to come by!!!