Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What is a Pyothorax?

What is a pyothorax?

Simply put, a pyothorax is pus in the chest cavity- YUK!!!

While pus is the body’s natural reaction to infection, it is never a welcomed guest. Made up of neutrophils or white blood cells (WBCs) both living and dead, pus is the result of our immune systems battle to protect our bodies from infection.

How does it get in the chest?

Infection. Bacterial Infection that settles in the chest cavity can enter the lungs thtough the esophagus.  Pets that suffer from bite wounds that pierce the chest or from the spread of infections like pneumonia, infections of the blood stream and cancers can all be causes of a pylothorax. 

How do I know my pet is sick?

Symptoms of pyothorax include coughing, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. Many pets lose weight and show obvious discomfort. Typically there is a fairly lengthy gap between the trigger for the infection and the appearance of the symptoms. Since cats are often less expressive than dogs, especially when they’re ill, often the first obvious symptom in a cat is kitty with a pyothorax infection is a sudden episode of respiratory distress, shock, or sometimes even collapse.

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