Thursday, October 23, 2014

Extracellular matrix material used to help speed up skin growth in burn victim.

Through a generous partnership with Vetrix, Dr. Jennifer Bibevski was able to apply an extracellular matrix material to the burn wounds Moon received during the domestic dispute discovered only weeks ago.

This Vetrix SIS Extracellular Matrix material is used far and wide within the human medical field. Vetrix uses the same technology to regenerate tissue in the veterinary medical field. While this technology has the capability to regenerate heart valves, in the veterinary field, Vetrix is used from everything involving dermal injuries to internal soft tissue reconstruction.

Medical-biomaterial-company CorMatrix Cardiovascular, based in Georgia, had developed an extracellular matrix material, a collagen framework that cells could attach to and hold the organs together.  It has the structure, shape, and signaling properties to attract stem cells.
  “If you put this sub-mucosal tissue anywhere in the body, it functions like a fisherman’s net.  It captures stem cells flowing through the bloodstream right where you want them. It’s like having the framework of a house that can actually recruit all the bricks and wood need to create a perfect house,”
- Redmond Paul Burke, MD, Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery at Miami Children’s Hospital 
The stem cells that are captured morph into the tissue needed for the malfunctioning organ to work properly. the video of a young girl who’s life was changed when a new heart valve was fashioned using only extracellular matrix.


Today, Moon is resting comfortably as this new 'patch' works with her cells to regrow her skin and shorten her healing time. Thank you to the generosity of the community both locally, nationally and internationally her bills have been offset by donations and her 'room' has been given a bit more spirit.

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