Friday, October 3, 2014

Fun Scrub To Friday!!!!

Earlier this year, our community was alerted to a tragic story of James Edwards, a two-year-old boy that fell into a swimming pool while his parents were at the hospital delivering his newborn brother. 

His story has touched the heart of our community catapulting many to action.  Our staff members in particular have been active in the campaign to assist this local family. Now, 5 months later, as he shows much improvement he is still in the hearts of our HAH staff.

In an effort to continue our support the Hollywood Animal Hospital has dubbed today, Friday- Oct 3rd, Fun Scrub Top Friday!! 

Follow us on Facebook today to see the HAH scrub our traditional blue uniforms for some childlike fun!! Donations that have been collected throughout the month will be MATCHED by our owners and ALL funds donated to the Turtle Power for James Edwards at 

His Story....
On Friday, May 30th, 2014, James Edwards, A two-year-old boy experienced a near drowning accident after he fell into a swimming pool while his parents were at the hospital delivering his newborn brother.

For just a moment, James Edwards slipped away from his grandfather, which was looking after him at the time and fell into the swimming pool at the family home in Coral Springs, Florida. He was discovered quickly, rescued from the pool and given CPR until the arrival of paramedics.

James was being cared for at the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital by an outstanding medical team. He is now home and receiving rehabilitation 5 days a week.

 “James has been doing great! His tone has decreased so much in the last two days - we are so grateful. He has been purposefully moving both arms and sometimes his legs.”… I know now more than ever that James is headed to a 100% recovery. He shows us everyday that he is willing to fight through this and work hard to get there. I'm one proud mommy.#turtlepower
–Jenna September 19th
James Edwards has a VERY long road to recovery and every single dollar raised will help him and his family immensely along with your prayers and positive thoughts.

“Turtle Power for James Edwards”

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