Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Team Member of the Month- Ani!!

What don’t we love about Ani? That should be the question! This month’s Team Member of the Month is a quiet star. As with so many of our team members, Ani has taken on tasks that have reinvented her job title many times. Beginning her HAH experience as a kennel attendant, she has been a doctor’s technician, a surgical technician and a member of the two (wo)man team that runs our Canine Blood Bank. 

Ani takes pride in all her responsibilities. She can be counted on to complete any task. She is truly committed to the HAH and to our animal community. 

This year, you may say that Ani has seen her share of bad luck. However,  it has never bested her.  This month we would like to Thank! Ani for her commitment to the HAH and name her  November’s Team Member of the Month.


  1. Yeah, I checked them out after your last post and I'm totally obsessed. 
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  2. Us too!! We love to highlight the awesome people that make our practice excellent. Thank you for being a part of the conversation!!