Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Gadget Let's You Play with Your Pet from Anywhere in the World

Motorola Scout 5000:

Motorola’s Scout 5000 attaches to your dog’s collar and features a camera, speaker, microphone, and GPS tracker.

Basically, it lets you see exactly what your dog sees; lets you talk to your dog when you’re not home — which is probably very weird for your dog — and even make sure your dog is safe when you’re away all from a companion smartphone app.

The Scout 5000 is fairly large for a pet-tracking device, so it will fit only medium to large dogs. This is not for your teacup designer dog. It goes on sale this summer for $200.

If these two gadgets are any indication, your pooch or kitty will soon be as connected as you are. And for pet lovers who can’t stand to be away from their little furry ones for even a minute, that’s pretty great.

SOURCE: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/2-new-gadgets-let-you-play-with-your-pet-from-107338896099.html

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