Friday, June 24, 2016

Welcome Dr. Abigail Kreines!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Abby Kreines was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from University of Wisconsin – Madison. While in Madison Abby served as the social chair of the Pre-Vet Club for two years. She also spent weekends volunteering at the local Henry Vilas Zoo educating children about various animal species.

Abby received her veterinary degree from St. George’s University in Grenada and completed her clinical year at University of Florida. In Grenada Abby served as first the zoo rep and later the president of the Exotics and Wildlife Society. She also spent one of her summer vacations in South Africa learning from a wildlife veterinarian.

When not working, Abby enjoys taking her German shepherd, Captain, on long walks or hikes. She also enjoys cooking, traveling and reading. Abby is interested in zoo and exotic animal medicine but she loves all animals of all sizes.

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