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Past and Present, Dr. Jon Dee ACVS Foundation Award Winner 2016 and Dr. Jessica Duhon

Past and Present, Dr. Jon Dee ACVS Foundation Award Winner 2016 and Dr. Jessica Duhon

Dr. Jon Dee, a 1966 Auburn Veterinary School graduate and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, received the ACVS’sFoundation Legends Award October 6 2016 in Seattle. Dr. Dee practices veterinary surgery at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. In his words, he “fixes broken puppy dogs.” In addition he has done research on orthopedic injuries of sporting dogs, contributed to journals and coauthored surgery books, and taught interns at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital and as adjunct professor at both The Ohio State and the University of Florida Veterinary Schools. Dr. Dees’s other accolades include 1986s AVMA’s Practitioner Research Award and 1991’s AAHA Practitioner of the Year Award, Southeast Region.
Dr. Jessica Duhon, a 2014 Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, is continuing in the family tradition like her grandfather Dr. Fredericksen and her second uncle Dr. Dee. Her grandfather Dr. I.C. Fredericksen and Dr. Jon Dee’s father, Dr. C.E. Dee started Hollywood Animal Hospital in 1947. Dr. Duhon went to University of Georgia for her undergraduate studies and initially was pre-nursing, but she knew her passion was with animal medicine. She went to Ross and completed her final year at Auburn University like her uncle. Dr. Duhon came to VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital for her internship and has continued on as a staff associate veterinarian.

I sat down with the two veterinarians in their office at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital and chatted.
We spoke about the state of veterinary medicine. Dr. Dee was concerned about student debt. Dr. Duhon agreed and knew students at Ross who weren’t even able to graduate but were saddled with large debt. But we all agreed that you decide what you want, and none of us thought we were going into veterinary medicine for the money. 

Dr. Dee admitted that he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he was in college as an undergraduate in Auburn. His father told him to do whatever you want, but be the best at it that you can be. He decided on veterinary medicine when he decided there was nothing else he would like to do.
I asked Dr. Dee why his children did not go into veterinary medicine, and he didn’t know. The passion has to be within you and his niece, Dr. Duhon, seemed to have inherited the gene. Dr. Dee said that he would definitely choose veterinary medicine if he went back to his youth and had a choice to do it all over again. I am sure Dr. Duhon will feel the same way after she has been practicing for 50 years.

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