Friday, February 17, 2017

Quack! Quack! Muzzle?

Butterscotch is a very lucky girl!

She is lucky because she is now recovered from sickness due to the ingestion of a palm seed. She is lucky because she has a wonderful family that cares for her very much and is committed to keeping her safe and healthy. You see, Butterscotch has a history of eating things. Even though her family is diligent about watching her, on walks she occasionally picks things up and before you know it, she has eaten it!

This is what happened with her most recently. After sneaking a pine nut snack it lodged itself in Butterscotch’s small intestine causing an obstruction. Surgery was required and performed by Dr. Danielson at VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital. After treatment and time she recovered from the toxicity that obstructions can cause. She is now doing great now!

Dogs that commonly and repeatedly eat foreign material often end up requiring surgery to relieve a blockage in the intestines. This blockage can be life threatening. Even with the most vigilant owners, animals sometimes still get into things. Something that can help to reduce the risk that your pet will eat foreign material is to have them wear a basket muzzle. A basket muzzle is different than a grooming muzzle in that it allows your dog to pant and drink water. Recently though, a company has come up with a unique version of this type of muzzle that allows pets to walk around comfortably while keeping them safe from eating foreign objects on the ground. A bonus is that the muzzle is less intimidating to strangers and frankly pretty cute.

We could not resist sharing this family’s effort to keep Butterscotch safe and adorable. We are very happy that Butterscotch recovered fully from her surgery and now is back out taking walks- safely- again with her family.

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