Friday, May 26, 2017

Loyatly and love. A Gypsy's life, repaid!!

We all know the importance of going to our own doctor each year for a check up but sometimes the craziness of life and the natural playful disposition of our pets can lead us to forget their very important annual and semi-annual exams. 

Having an established relationship with a Veterinarian that knows your pet is key to a full lifetime with your fur-baby. 

This true story, this happy tale is the perfect example of why:

Last weekGypsy, a 15 year old mixed breed female was brought in for her regular exam and vaccinations with Dr. Murphy. During her physical exam, Dr. Murphy felt something was wrong. Gypsy's abdomen felt firm, not the soft belly she was accustom to feel. Dr. Murphy spoke straight to the problem and recommended xrays to further evaluate the source of this change. The xrays showed a mass in Gypsy's abdomen. Upon ultrasound diagnostics, it was clear that the mass was on her spleen and that surgery was her best option. Within 4 hours, Gypsy went from the exam room, through diagnostics, into surgery and was onto recovery.

As with any surgery, a Splenectomy comes with it's own risks and potential complications but when caught and acted on quickly, the risks are at their lowest. If left alone the tumor could have eventually burst and then the outcome would be very different.

 As her name implies, Gypsy's is a  

 " wild child! Just kind of happy-go-lucky..."

Gypsy was a rescue that came to her forever home 8 years ago in pretty bad shape -heartworm positive, fear of affection/touch, food issues. As she settled in with her new family she blossomed into a wonderful pet! 

Her most prominent trait is her loyalty. She is her mom's constant shadow, always around to make sure everything is ok. Gypsy was the watch-guard of their other pup before she passed; always getting help whenever she would fall or get stuck in certain places. The day their son's crib was set up, Gypsy began sleeping next to it... months before his  birth. Upon his arrival she never left his side and loved him like he was his own baby
 "Gypsy even found the strength in her little arthritic body to get up on [our son's] bed and sleep with him the first night in our new house." 
While it is hard to watch a pet age and slow down, Gypsy's parents always re-payed her loyalty with the very best care possible. So when it was time for her vaccinations, an appointment with Dr. Murphy was a given. It was certainly a shocked to find her in surgery only a few hours after her exam having a 5 pound mass removed from her abdomen.
Because of the trust between Dr. Murphy and Gypsy's parents,this story ends well.
The care was swift and timely and Gypsy is now home with her family. 

The entire team at VCA HAH is proud to be a part of this story. There is nothing better then caring for animals and helping to keep our fur-families happy and healthy for as long as possible.


A note from Gypsy's parents:
 I want to tell anyone who will listen how wonderful Dr. Murphy is. I never hesitate or second guess anything she says or recommends... You can tell that she is in this field because she truly cares. I can't even find words to express how we feel about her... MY WHOLE FAMILY!!!! I started going to her with my very first dog ever when I still lived with my parents and now (a gazillion years later) I wouldn't go anywhere else. She is amazing and someone needs to write an article about her! She is super cool and she is our hero! <3

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