Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Client Testimonial

Good Afternoon,

I had to rush my young kitten to your emergency room Sunday night/Monday
morning as he had a couple of seizures and was not doing well at all. I
had been to an animal hospital closer to my home a year ago when my cat
was ill and refused to go back to that place because the care we received
there was not to my standards. I had heard wonderful things about your
facility and I wanted to tell you after our visit the other day that my
expectations were exceeded.

Unfortunately the visit did not go the way we hoped and we made the
difficult decision to let the kitten go due to his condition. Dr. Londono
and the vet tech (I am sorry but I do not remember her name, she was very
tall and very nice though) as well as the girl who gathered our
information were exceptional. Everything was explained to us and we were
treated with the utmost sensitivity and care. They were wonderful at a
very difficult time.

I know often the only thing companies hear are complaints about their
service or things that went wrong but I wanted to share with you how
impressed we were with your facility and staff. I hope that I will not
need emergency services for any of my animals but in the case that I do
the only place I will take my animals to is your facility. I will also
highly recommend your facility to anyone I know that is in need to medical
care for thier animals.

Thank you for providing the comfort and support we needed at a difficult
time and for doing your best to help our little kitten. A special thank
you to Dr. Londono and the girls that helped us!

Name:Julie Reger

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