Friday, September 14, 2012

Patient of the Month: Comet Williams

Comet Williams, a 5 year old, Maltese was brought in after an automobile hit and run. Comet’s owner, a single mom who recently suffered a stroke, was witness to the accident and clearly distraught. Upon physical evaluation, Dr. Holland found multiple fractures to his pelvis and os penis (a fracture few of our senior doctors have ever seen) as well as significant skin abrasions. Fortunately, Comet was still able to urinate but could not walk and would not eat.

For several days Comet was treated for his initial shock. He was hand fed and kept very comfortable to make any movement as painless as possible. Some might say he was pampered by our own Dr. Holland who developed a very strong attachment to Comet and was caught carrying him around often.

On his fourth day of hospitalization, Comet underwent his first surgery where Dr. Jon and Dr. Vaughn repaired his right hip. 
Because of his size, Comet could only undergo one lengthy procedure that day and his second hip repair was schedule for two days later. 
                                                                   After First Surgery
                                                                                           After Second Surgery 
After both surgeries, Comet continued intensive TLC and began standing (with a little assistance) and urinating –with one leg up. His spirited attitude was returning and he was eating on his own.

Comet returned home after 8 days at the HAH. Per doctor’s orders, his owners will maintain strict cage rest for the next 8 weeks and only take him outside for elimination purposes. Currently Comet occasionally stands in the cage and tries to use his left hind limb. Both his owners and our doctors are happy with his progress and honored to be a part of his recovery.

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