Thursday, September 27, 2012

We are proud to highlight Dr. Guoan!

Dr. Guoan grew up in Naples, Florida. After high school graduation, she found herself  in Nashville, Tennessee knee deep within the music industry interacting with Pam Lewis, manager of “Garth Brooks”, as well as having her own interest in artist management, tour management and sound/lighting. While in Nashville, she attended Middle Tennessee State University where she played collegiate soccer. Upon graduation, she continued on the music path as a tour/artist manager as well as broadened her athletic career by playing Professional women’s football for the Nashville Dream Team, which is part of the National Women’s Football Association.

In 2004, she chose to turn corners and explore her other passions in life. Since then, she has been within the Veterinary community and has been consumed with unconditional love from animals. A 2012 graduate of University of Florida, Morgan was a Student Ambassador,  president of “Team Vet Med”, which is a cycling team geared to providing scholarships/support for veterinary students. She was also Hill’s Science Diet’s school representative. While not consumed with school, Morgan was a free lance writer and wrote for the “Critter” which is a nonprofit animal newsletter.
Morgan finds her true love in veterinary medicine as an emergency doctor. She also is actively involved in palliative/hospice care.  Her life experiences being an athlete, working in the music industry and having a life on the road, have enabled her to learn people and their lifestyles and to enjoy many different personalities and walks of life. Her past has taught her how easy being unconditional to someone can be, when you are able to put your own judgments aside. Being an ear to someone and a voice for others helped shape her into who she is today.

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