Friday, September 7, 2012

Client Testimonials

We are always so pleased when our clients have good things to say about us. Here are some testimonials from clients that have appreciated the service they received at Hollywood Animal Hospital. 

July 19, 2012

Dear Dr. Herrington, Katie, Leah and staff,

I'm sure you get these letters all the time, so here's another one. It really is true that words can't express my gratitude for everything that all of you did for my "little old man" Winker. As you may know, he was rescued from Miami-Dade animal control on the day he was slated to be euthanized. He was so wild with fear that the staff there wouldn't go into the cage to get him, and told the rescuers "you don't want that dog". I adopted him 9 months later.

From then on, he proved himself to be a real survivor and outlived everyone's predictions. With all that he went through (bogus allergy injections, Cushings, an attack by a vicious large dog, and then the long battle with kidney disease) the endearing term trooper was certainly well earned.

I will always remember the love and companionship he gave me, the good times as well as the not so good. And each time I do that I will certainly remember all of you. Without you Dr. H, and all of you, standing by us I'm certain his life would have been much, much shorter.

Please give the fluids and meds that weren't used to another client that can use them, or dispense them in-house as a freebie to an owner and animal that really need it. If you have a favorite charity I would be happy to make a donation to it. I have already donated his meatl foof dishes, crate, unused toys etc. to Get-a-Life pet Rescue.

The only saving grace about this huge loss is that my house isn't empty. About six years ago my neighbor found a tiny kitten (probably dropped off) in their bushes and I took her in, So you'll see me from time to time when I bring her in for checkups.

Again, “thanks" will never be enough.

Ralph Wheeler

Dear Dr. Dee,

I live in Aventura and I have many Veterinary Clinics near my home, but I've been dissastified with all of them.

My daughter Jamie who uses your clinic for her animals suggested I use you.

This is a note to tell you how satified I was and to RAVE about Dr. Morgan.

She is a compassionate, loving, patient and professional Dr.

I feel very comfortable bringing all my babies to your clinic.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Ellen Marke


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