Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bufo Toad Toxicity

Anyone who has lived in South Florida long enough has at some point come across the infamous Bufo Toad.  These short legged stocky critters have a pair of parotid glands behind each eye which secrete a toxic white substance.  Most intoxication occurs when curious dogs lick or bite into the toads distributing the toxin on to their gums. Almost immediately dogs will begin to produce a copious amount of saliva and foam at the mouth.  If pets are found at this point of the intoxication it is recommended that owners clean out their pets mouth with cool water and a wash cloth, making sure not to direct the water at the back of the mouth.  In many situations no further symptoms are seen and no further treatments are needed.  However in severe intoxications pets may begin to seizure and require immediate medical attention to prevent progression of disease.  This toxin is very fast acting and most clinical signs are seen within 20-40 minutes of exposure, if no signs are present after 1 hour of exposure it is less likely that pets will be affected.  If you have any questions or concerns about your pet being exposed to a Bufo Toad, contact your local veterinarian or the Hollywood Animal Hospital any time.    

Dr. Carlos Ameijeiras , D.V.M.- HAH 
Mississippi State, 2011

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