Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hot Spots in Canines

A hot spot, or moist dermatitis, is a bacterial skin infection most often caused by licking, bathing, or swimming.  Long or dense fur breeds like golden retrievers and German Shepherds are often afflicted with this problem.  Other factors that are involved may be hot/humid weather, fleas, or allergies.  The spots are often on the neck, face and thigh.  The area is matted with fur, red, and is very moist.  Often the lesion is more extensive than originally anticipated until the fur can be shaved and the true extent can be visualized.   The condition is very itchy and painful and should be treated immediately.  Treatment involves shaving the fur, cleaning and drying the area, antibiotics and topical medications.  More severe cases may require steroids as well.  Dogs may require a collar to prevent them from licking the area while it heals.

Jodi Heim, D.V.M.-HAH 
Tufts University 2011

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