Thursday, December 26, 2013

December Team Members of the Month!!!

Since the HAH’s inception it has grown to include a staff of over twenty veterinarians and more than 100 technical and supportive staff. All of which have been selected, not only for their compassion and communication skills but also for their appreciation of the special roles that pets play in our lives. Each month, we highlight one staff member that epitomize these qualities and who makes the days at the HAH more enjoyable. However, one group of team members is often excluded from these highlights.
This month we would like to recognize our favorite doctors and say “Thank you, for all your care, compassion and skill. We appreciate the job you do!”**

** All doctors are NOT represented here. Not as a reflection of our lack of undying love for them but rather a reflection of just how darn busy everyone is. It was hard enough pulling this crew out of exam rooms!!!

Thank you to everyone for all you do!

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