Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March Team Member of the Month- Karlyne

Many of you may see this face and immediately recognize her for her many years of service to the VCAHAH. If so, then you will also be reminded of the years we were without her.  Thankfully, though Karlyne has returned to our animal house and somehow all seems right again.

When Karlyne began working at the VCAHAH, now almost 10 years ago, she began by learning the ropes as a Veterinarian Assistant (VA).  She was a star employee who quickly rose through the ranks and was asked to be VA team leader. This role was perfect for her, she was a star. However, when family called, Karlyne had to answer and for several years she shared her talents elsewhere.

Since her return, Karlyne has fallen right back into her role as a leader. She exudes positivity and the staff gravitates to her whenever in need of a helping hand. She can always be counted on to get the job done, not only with 'lightening speed' but with a critical eye on perfection.

She fits in well with our family and "has the patience of a saint- both with our patients and staff!"
She is a true asset to our practice and to our team. We are thrilled she is back and happy to recognize her as our March Team Member of the Month!

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