Monday, April 6, 2015

Give Life Fundraiser for Animals!!!

An all to common theme in veterinary medicine comes when people find themselves in a situation where money is tight and a pet is sick. It could happen to anyone with a pet. You have always managed to give your family pet the medical care they deserve but then an unexpected circumstance occurs and you’re faced with vet expenses that are far beyond your reach. In other situations, a lost or homeless pet  is injured or abused and a good Samaritans wants to help- whether they can immediately afford it or not.

 Vets care for pets. They never want a pet to suffer. Often they are asked to give free supplies and services.  However, medical supplies, diagnostics and other expenses that ensure a practice continue to offer the finest medical care- all add up!

There are many organizations available to help. One such group is GIVE LIFE. Give Life has seen this challenge and wants to help. by providing assistance to pet owners to pay veterinary bills.     

Sunday April 19th from 2-5pm Join Give Life for some fun to raise money for area hospitals to provide funding for pet care programs. 

Other organizations that can assist owners in financial need is the Pet Fund  as well as GoForward and GoFundme that helps individuals establish fundraisers.


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  2. It was a fun event! They are planning another one in February with a Mardi Gras theme. We will keep you posted!

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    1. At VCA HAH we are passionate about supporting the animal in our community. We lend support to many of the rescues in the area and welcome the opportunity to share in these events.

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