Friday, April 24, 2015

April Patient of the Month- Skippy!!!!

We were first introduced to our April Patient of the Month when he was scheduled for rather routine procedure. But when we met him it was very clear that there was very little routine about him. His personality was awesome and his story, we thought was worthy to share. 

Born before his front legs were ‘complete’, this wee pup found a forever home quickly with a family that decided they knew just what to do= love him to pieces!!

Having to learn to walk upright, Skippy has never known life another way. Life is not always easy but he has a spirited and loving disposition and certainly seems happy.

Because of his breed and his basic anatomy, walking like this forever is not ideal. He has a skate – which he frankly does not love. “He wants to look out not up” said his mom. However, his family works continuously to find the proper ‘wheelchair’ or prosthetic care that will keep this wee one moving for many many years to come. 

We are pleased to share his triumph and recognize him as our Patient of the Month. We were inspired by this little Chihuahua and hope you are inspired by him too.

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