Friday, May 1, 2015

How to ensure your lost pet comes HomeAgain!!!!

The bond you have with your pet is forever.  At VCA Hollywood, we understand that. We are pet owners. We share that bond with our pets and yours. But what would happen if your pet was lost or stolen? How would they find their way home?

 In Florida, we are painfully aware of the challenges hurricane and storms can cause to our lives and loved ones. The stories we hear of pets going missing during hurricane season can fill a library however, this is not the only time pets go missing.
Every day, in our office we receive notifications about pets that have been taken from their home or who have slipped out accidentally while the door was ajar. Accidents happen and they happen to everyone. 

At VCA Hollywood we want to protect your pets. We want to protect them through well health care and protect them from loss. We believe we are giving each pet the best chance to maintain their end of the bargain in your forever bond by using the HomeAgain Microchip!

Our partnership with HomeAgain gives your pet a lifetime of protection.  No matter how far away your lost pet travels, their identification is present and logged into a permanent listing in a national database.  Within moments of receiving notifications of your lost pet, HomeAgain jumps into action with Rapid Lost Pet Alerts that communicate with a virtual neighborhood of alias who start looking for your pet. As the owner, you have the guidance and training of professional to help and support you in the recovery of your four-legged friend. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week HomeAgain’s trained Lost Pet Specialists will guide you through the process of finding your pet. They can even help you facilitate the transportation of your pet is found hundreds of miles away from home.  Finally, this lifetime of care provides 24 hour pet emergency services allowing you to speak with a licensed, ASPCA Veterinarian anytime for help when emergency strikes.

VCA Hollywood understands that we both want the best for our furry family. In an effort to ensure these chips do their job, we enroll them for you. As an added service, once your pet is microchip, we do the enrollment for you. This way your pet’s protection is guaranteed.  Now all you need to focus on is sharing your love. 

Dog and cat microchipping is a simple procedure. Learn more about how microchips work:

No need to worry! We will enroll your pet for you!! Click here to see some great success stories.

Source: HomeAgain


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    1. This simply act of safeguarding your pet is the difference between your lost friend coming home.

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    1. VCA Hollywood wants to be the expert on content for your pet. Thank you for being a part of the conversation.

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    1. VCA Hollywood wants to be the expert on content for your pet. Thank you for being a part of the conversation.


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  5. It is still remarkable to us the number of pets that are not returned home simply because their microchip is not registered. The climate is changing her, for sure, to not let any pet slip through the cracks! Thanks for sharing.#VCAHAHcareaboutpets