Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Pet Food Options at the VCA HAH!!

Nutrition plays a major role in helping our hospital manage your Pet’s health, and we only want to use only the highest quality products. 

Therefore we have made the decision to carry ROYAL CANIN PRESCRIPTION DIETS and HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIETS as our recommended canine and feline diets.

This decision was made because we feel both HILLS and ROYAL CANIN offers superior products with better digestibility, palatability, and nutritional research backing their formulas.  

As we transition to these products, patients currently using PURINA PRESCRIPTION DIETS will be given one free bag or case to transition over to either Royal Canin or Hills. 

All HILLS and ROYAL CANIN products are 100% guaranteed.

We fully understand change is uncomfortable therefore temporary Purina products continue to be available.

 We believe that your pets will have a very easy transition over to the new diets. Please call us to discuss which diet would be the best option for your pet.

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