Friday, May 29, 2015

Pet Care Reminder App!!!

Vethical® Pet Care Reminder App
We know our clients love their pets and want to do what’s best for them. Sometimes, the hardest part about maintaining the preventive care plan prescribed by your veterinarian is actually remembering to do it! For parasite protection medications that are dosed only once a month, this is even more true. 
We’ve all had that moment when we find a 6-pack in our drawer and we think – “When was the last time I dosed my dog?”.
With the NEW Vethical® Pet Care Reminder App, available now on iTunes and Google Play, you can stop worrying about stickers on calendars, memorizing dates, or forgetting when your pet is due for their annual medication. Simply set up your pet’s parasite preventives in the Vethical Pet Care Reminder app, and never miss another dose!
With this App Users can:
·         Select  VCA Hollywood Animal Hospital at set-up to get local parasite prevalent information, and have a direct line to their veterinarian for questions and refills.
·         Create profiles for each of your cats and dogs – supports both species, and multiple pets!
·         Add a photo of each pet – the monthly reminders come directly from the your pet, with a “Woof” alert for dogs, and a “Meow” alert for cats!
·         Set up reminders for your cat or dog’s Vethical or other products – choose the number of doses they have left, and get a refill reminder before they run out.

Set Refill Reminder
When you administer the second-to-last and last dose, you will receive a refill reminder and receive 5% off your prescription refill.

Not using Vethical products? No problem! You can use the Vethical Pet Care Reminder app for any medication that's given on a monthly basis.

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