Friday, May 29, 2015

May Patient of the Month- Elijah!!!

This pint sizes powerhouse will certainly have a tale or two to tell his canine companions around the watering bowl. Elijah, a 12 week old Dachshund mix was rescued from abuse, fought Parvo and won the hearts of so many at our hospital. 

About four weeks ago, a young man witnessed Elijah being abused by a group of kids at the Opa Locka TriRail Station. Unable to simply stand by, he stepped in to save him. Once Elijah was safe, the young man was unsure of what to do with this tiny, lethargic puppy and he turned to the VCA HAH for care.

While sitting in our lobby with this pup wrapped in a cloth no larger than a dinner napkin, Fran, the founder of Boxer Friends Rescue,  walked in.  This Good Samaritan’s heart was certainly in the right place when he removed little Elijah from harm but the impending cost of care was a large concern. Fran offered to help.

Initially, Fran thought she could simply hospitalize the little guy while she found an all breed rescue to step in. Unfortunately Elijah was diagnosed Parvo positive. He was very ill and had a very low chance of survival. His blood sugar levels were dangerously low and he needed immediate and intensive medical care. 

Without hesitation, Fran christened Elijah an ‘honorary boxer’ and he was admitted for care. For several days he was in our intensive care isolation ward. He received intravenous fluids and antibiotic while his blood sugar was checked regularly. His temperature was monitored and his symptoms managed. He was a weak little puppy that really needed some R&R.

After a couple of days of care, Elijah began to respond. His blood sugar levels began to regulate, his vomiting subsided and is appetite slowly emerged. It was clear that Elijah was on the mend.

Today, it is hard to see the effect of his early days. Elijah received his first set of vaccinations this week and was even neutered. His foster takes great care of him day to day now but he still needs a fur-ever home. We have no doubt this little bundle will settle in the heart of a family of his own very soon.

While Elijah earned his stripes as a fighter, he certainly won the hearts of the VCA HAH staff as did the Good Samaritans that made all of this possible. If not for their acts of kindness to reach out and simply help this pint sized pup he would not be the energetic puppy we now see (and hear)!!!

To see more about Elijah, check out this video:

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