Tuesday, May 19, 2015

May Team Member of the Month- Connie!!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” 
 -  Aristotle
One may wonder how our monthly team member highlight is chosen. While we have never thought to share that process before, this month's team member's recommendation seems a good time to share.  Throughout our everyday, coworkers see the nit and gritty of how people work. It is these candid experiences that we rely on to help us showcase the true stars in our mist. 

Some employees go unnoticed, not because of a sub-par job but rather because their consistent excellence is taken for granted and therefore overlooked. Today we take a moment to recognize one of these stars that has made excellence a habit.

Recommended by her peers. In a flood of suggestions that remind us to take notice, our May Team Member of the Month is Connie!
Celebrating her five year anniversary with the VCA HAH this summer, she is definitely star. 

We recognized her for taking on challenges when asked. For her honest understanding of her strengths and weaknesses and her constant strive for quality work. 

An excellent listener, Connie pays attention to what is needed even if it is not always what is said. She helps out in any way she can and is willing to adapt to meet the changing needs of our hospital. She simple says "yes" when a request is upon her. She simply makes 'it' happen and does so with apparent ease.

We appreciate Connie as a valuable member of our team and are proud to recognize her this month!


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    1. Recognizing our team is the key to continued good work. We have been in practice for over 65 years and it is the care of our people that makes us a success. Thanks for following our blog #VCAHAH

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