Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Patient Highlight!! Meet Lupo, a pint size powerhouse!!

Lupo, a 2 ½ yr old, male Pomeranian, entered our hospital for the first time 6 months ago for bruising on his abdomen and gums.  Lupo had been experiencing vomiting and diarrhea at home and his primary Veterinarian referred him to us with concerns of possible toxin exposure.  Upon exam and initial diagnostics by Dr. Freifeld and Dr. Rittenberg, it was suspected that Lupo suffered from Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia (IMTP).

IMTP is a serious disorder in which the body attacks its own platelets; the cells associated with the formation of bloodclots.  Lupo’s body was in revolt and he was losing blood platelets quickly causing the appearance of bruising. If left untreated, his thrombocytopenia (which means low platelet count) would lead to increased bleeding, anemia (low red blood cell count) and possible death.

Comprehensive diagnostics were ordered to confirm this disease process with included a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry profile, coagulation testing, titers for infectious diseases, urinalysis and advanced imaging of the chest and abdominal.

Upon confirmation, little Lupo was admitted to our ICU and prescribed medications to suppress his immune system in an attempt to stop the attack on his blood platelets. Through the use of special chemotherapy drugs, his body’s own process of creating more bone marrow was enhanced and he eventually began to win the battle and build up his platelet supply.

However, a side effect of his treatment was the development of a stomach ulcer which further worsening his disease process and simply made him feel dumpy. Further treatment were needed and a after a total of 11 days in our ICU, Lupo rebounded.

Now, months after his initial diagnosis, with a calendar of regular rechecks under his belt, Lupo is on his way to being a happy, healthy, fluff ball again! His platelet count is now over 400,000 (a health range being between 175,000-500,000) He is now simply a happy puppy coming to visit his Vet, Dr. Freifeld.
Our team could not be happier to see him either!  Much of Lupos puppyhood was spent fighting. His spirit endeared him to our staff and Doctors and that is no more evident than in his bond with Dr. Freifeld who has a photo of little Lupo permanently on his desk!

Long-term, it is expected that Lupo will do very well and live a normal pup’s life. We are so pleased to be able to share this happy ending and proud to be partnered with Lupo’s family in his health care.


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