Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Patient of the Month- Baba boui

Baba boui is a 3 year old, indoor cat that showed a history of vomiting and weight loss over a period of months. His owner brought him to the HAH  for evaluation and blood work was run. His liver values were dangerously elevated. Immediate hospitalization and supportive care was necessary to address these values. Further diagnostics showed that his bile duct was blocked causing an increase in bile in the liver and gallbladder.

Bile, produced by the liver, is stored in the gallbladder and aids in digestion in the gut.  For Baba Boui the bile was unable to pass out of the gallbladder and was backing up in the liver causing her presenting symptoms; yellowing of the skin and elevated liver values. Left untreated this condition can lead to liver disease, to sepsis and to a life-threatening infection caused by the buildup of bilirubin.

After intensive medical management of this disease, Baba boui was scheduled for surgery with Dr. Sessa as a critical patient. The goal of surgery was to create a new pathway for the bile.  Dr. Sessa performed a bypass of the bile duct by attaching the gallbladder directly to the  duodem (the first section of the small intestine) so the bile could resume it job in digestion. Pathology was submitted to assist in determining the cause and later treatment for Baba boui. The prognosis was guarded.

Post surgery Baba boui was on medications to support his liver and to help clean out the build up of the billirubin. The inflammation of the liver was life threatening and getting the levels back to normal was now the struggle. Baba boui was very sick

Thankfully, Baba Boui was a fighter. After weeks of intensive medical care he was released from the hospital. Today, he is a happy cat. While, he will be on supportive liver medication he whole life, his prognosis is good.
We are pleased to recognize Baba boui as our Patient of the Month as well as his caring family whos loving presence was felt daily and helped make this success story possible.

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  1. Wow. Dr. Sessa is utterly AMAZING. so caring, and such an excellent medical professional. I feel honored to have him care for my own beloved cat.